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What does primer mean?

The primer provides a useful base which improves the adhesive quality of other products. It helps in tiling and also to ensure that the waterproofing is effective. Primer is liquid in form and is made up of latex, epoxy or polyurethane.

What role does a primer play in waterproofing?

Primer helps to provide a base for the waterproofing if the primer is not applied then the waterproofing won’t stay on the surface properly. As the absence of primer will lead to the moisture entering into the surface, which jeopardizes the whole waterproofing process. The primer seals any dust or pollutants and also controls the porosity of the surface.

Should I apply primer before the waterproofing membrane?

Applying primer on the surface is essential before spreading the waterproofing membrane. Waterproofing membrane sticks to the surface more efficiently when a primer is applied, as it sets the dust and other particles properly on the surface so that they won’t cause any problem in waterproofing.

Can primer be applied on every substrate?

Primer can be applied on all the substrates, but there is an exception of waterproofing membrane, applying primer on them is not essential. These are waterproofing membranes. Thus, they don’t absorb things, so priming it is unnecessary.

Why is the liquid rubber-not adhering to the surface?

If you are trying to place liquid rubber on an oily or very smooth and shiny surface, then it won’t adhere to them. Also if your surface is covered with oil-based paints or varnishes or they have a silicon finish, then the liquid rubber won’t work.

How should I prep my surface before placing liquid rubber on it?

To make sure that your surface is ready for liquid rubber application, you will have to clean any oil, debris, glossy paint or any flakes and even remove the paint that is not bonded with the surface properly. After ensuring that the surface is clean, you can apply the liquid rubber with a roller, spray gun or a brush.

Can the warm temperature melt my bituminous membrane?

The only possibility of the bituminous membrane being affected by heat is that the membrane may get soft in very high-temperature weather which doesn’t result in any change in the structural integrity. It is proven that bitumen melts at a temperature so high that it cannot be experienced in the weather where these membranes are installed, so they cannot melt in warm temperature.

What is the proper process of waterproofing?

Before starting the process, the area to be waterproofed has to be free of dust or chemicals. After this, you can start the work by applying a nice layer of primer on the work area, then apply the bond breaker onto the joints. After the primer dries apply the first layer of waterproofing membrane and let it dry completely, then put the second layer of waterproofing membrane and allow this coat to dry too, and your work is done.

How are bituminous waterproofing membranes made?

Bitumen is modified using polymer-based plastics, and they convert into bituminous waterproofing membranes. Sometimes these membranes are reinforced, and in some cases, they are not reinforced.

What type of pool tiles can I choose from?

You can choose tiles based on their unique colour, size, texture, durability etc. Textures can be smooth, rough, waved etc. they all have their advantages to them. In the market, you can find porcelain, mosaic, ceramic, stone and even brick tiles, which have further divisions and distributions according to the styles and versions available.

What are the signs of a leaky bathroom?

Few of the signs that you may notice if you have a leaky bathroom are, stains on the bottom of the bathroom door. There can be some mould on the back wall of the shower, like the adjoining room at the back of the bathroom. There can also be noticeable chipping of paint or plaster happening on the walls or ceilings of the rooms underneath the bathroom.

How are porcelain tiles different from ceramic tiles?

The manufacturing of porcelain and ceramic tiles is the main difference between both of them. In the manufacturing process, the porcelain tiles are made to be more durable and robust as compared to the ceramic tile, the porcelain isdenser, which eventually makes them more challenging to install. The textures and the designs on the porcelain tiles are on the full body while the ceramic tile tiles only have an outer glaze present.

What can I do to make my swimming pool more vibrant?

You can go for the tiles which are colourful or have a variety of designs and styles available to choose from. Mosaic tiles are perfect for this purpose. As they give a colourful and fun look to your pool and they can be used to make many patterns in the pool. Mosaic tiles are just a collection of various pieces of different pool tiles like ceramic, glass etc. which are arranged creatively to form specific designs.

Amongst travertine and limestone, which is better for the pool deck?

Travertine can be described as a sedimentary rock with a cream colour created by deposits of calcium carbonate whereas limestone is produced in warmer climates and are denser. They are also sedimentary rocks. Limestone provides better friction as compared to travertine. It also gives out less glare when the weather is sunny. The limestone also absorbs less amount of water than travertine.

How should I tile over the wall of a swimming pool?

Check for pollutants on the surface of the wall like some oil, grease, efflorescence etc. Get rid of the paint from the wall, and any residues or bumps present there. If your pool is new, then allow the concrete shell to dry for a minimum of 6 weeks and then prime the surface. After this, you can apply the adhesive and get the tiling work completed.

How are porcelain tiles made?

Porcelain and some minerals are mixed to create porcelain tiles; these tiles are generally very durable, dense and even water-resistant. These benefits of porcelain tiles are because of the minerals added in the tiles and also because they are baked at a very high temperature of 1200 degree Celsius. These things enable them to be used for heavy-duty commercial purposes.

How are ceramic tiles made?

Ceramic tiles mainly constitute of clay. They have a lesser density as compared to the porcelain tiles as they don’t get baked at a temperature as high as that of the porcelain tile. This also makes this tile more water-absorbent.That’s why they are mostly chosen for housing projects.

What are vitrified tiles made of?

To make vitrified tiles, feldspar, silica and quartz are combined with clay and mixed. These tiles are known to be highly water-resistant, and not only this, they are even scratch proof and also have an exquisite glossy look.

How are tiles rectified?

Tiles are rectified to create a look which depicts a single stone/tile look when tiling the whole floor or the wall. A process called grinding is used to rectify the tiles. In this process, the goal is to cut the tiles in the same size and shape so that all their irregularities are curbed, and the required joints are smaller.

What tile style should I go for in my bathroom?

You should choose a tile which has qualities like being low absorbent and have a little rough texture for friction and along with these traits, it must also look beautiful. To achieve this, you can choose from glass, porcelain or stone tiles.

What are the different styles of tiles I can choose from in the market?

Most common style and variety of tile chosen is the ceramic and porcelain tile. But you can even pick from the stone tile options like bluestone, limestone, marble etc. if you want more options, you can go for cement tiles, glass tiles or even metal tiles. Resin tiles are also an option for places like gyms etc.

Can tiles be installed inside a fireplace?

You can use tile to surround the place and the hearth but using them to line the inside of the fireplace where the fire actually lights and where the heat is way too much is not a good idea. Even the most heat resistant tiles like porcelain tile also cannot survive inside the fireplace. Otherwise elsewhere you can use tiles, and they even provide a great feel and look to the fireplace.

Can low humidity degrade the effect of tile adhesive?

If there is low humidity, then it means that the water present in the tile adhesive will evaporate on a faster rate. This will result in the cement, not making good bonds because stronger bonds are created when the cement gets a proper amount of water. So eventually this results in the loss of longevity to the tiling work.

Can painted surfaces be tiled over?

Tiling over a painted surface requires a lot of pre-prepping like removing the paint from the surface by sanding it and then dusting off all the dust and loose paint flakes from the surface. Then you need to apply the primer. Finally, now you can apply the adhesive and then tile over it.

Is exterior tiling done differently from interior tiling?

Exterior tiling is different from interior tiling as in the former way of tiling you need to take some extra measures as the exterior tiles go through some extreme situations when it comes to heating which the interior tiling does not go through, that’s why in exterior tiling extra adhesive is used, and mechanical fixing is done of the tiles after every 2 meters.

Why did my tiling work fail?

The tiling can fail due to many reasons;the main reason being that the waterproofing was not done correctly. Or the surface beneath the waterproofing was uneven, which lead the moisture to seep in. Another reason can be the wrong amount of product being used like less amount of adhesive etc.

Why is there a leak in my shower?

If you see that the shower is draining correctly, then, in that case, you will have to examine the grout. Whether it is leaking or not as the grout might be absent from the floor tile of the shower. You can inspect the area when it is dry and then again when it has been dampened if you find even a small hole present in the grout that can be the reason for the leakage.

How can I brighten my old tiles?

To brighten up your old tiles, the best way is to paint on them. You can use epoxy paints to cover the tiles. But you need to make sure that you are not covering the grout with the paint. The best way to avoid getting paint on the grout is by putting masking tape on the grout and then removing it, once the painting is done.

Are our renovation and remodelling different from one another?

Yes, these two terms are different from one another, and the difference lies in the scale of the operation. Renovation term is used when the work to be done is on a smaller scale like replacing the bathtub or tiling etc. But when the work is undertaken, is of a larger scale and almost all the things in that particular areaare changed, then the term remodelling is used.

Can I start the bathroom renovations without making a detailed plan first?

You can get the work started without lining an exact detailed plan. It is possible to start with a primary thought, and you can further work on it as you go. Although having a plan makes the process more efficient and easy, but if you are planning on doing some significant changes, then you will have to create a plan before starting the work.

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