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The time has come for you to renovate your swimming pool to make it comfortable and attractive. However, there are tons of suggestions and options in terms of colours, sizes, shapes, and materials. 

These options look great, and now the most significant challenge is to choose the best for your pool. Nevertheless, the final choice comes down to your preference and the overall design of your home. 

The commonly used pool deck tiles include natural stone, glass, porcelain, and ceramic. These materials are available in different colours, sizes, and texture. For that reason, you need to consider individual tiles’ aspects that affect their performance, durability, and aesthetic value once installed in the pool. 

Pool decking job done in Tweed Heads with pool surround pavers

The Tile Material 

Stone Tile 

The tiling material has a textured feel and natural look that gives your pool a Mediterranean or classic style. These tiles provide your deck or patio with a natural look, and when blended with the coping, the area has a unison appearance. 

There are different types of natural stone, such as travertine, slate, sandstone, and polished granite. These materials are used on the pool to create a pepper tone look. 

Glass Tile 

This tile is the top-rated pool tile material in recent years due to its classy look. Glass is an expensive material produced from recycled glass; however, it’s non-porous and durable. Further, these tiles blend well with the water’s transparent nature. 

Glass tiles are available in small sizes; thus, they can be used in curved surfaces. Pool designers like TweedHeads Tiling and Waterproofing can create a customized colour scheme, or mix different shades to form an artwork.  

There are low and high-quality glass tiles; still, they both have a bright reflection underwater. The Iridescent coating on some of the glass tiles shimmers like the water flows and light changes during the day. 

The high-quality glass tiles have a dynamic artistic look and feel. They have a better optical quality due to their exciting colour, shine, and depth. Thus, glass tiles have an overall mesmerizing effect on the pool. Their step-markers and waterline borders have a gem-like lustre internal reflections.  

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles  

These two types of pool deck tiles have been in the market for decades, and most people prefer them because they are widely available, durable, and economical. You can find mosaic and hand-painted ceramic and porcelain tiles in the area. Further, there are textured synthetic tiles that are made to blend well with the poolscape and surroundings.   

You can use these tiles to create a continuous, beautiful design by varying their colour, sizes, shape, texture, and other details. 


For many years homeowners have been installing square-shaped tiles on their pool. However, today there is the increased use of rectangular-shaped tiles. There exist a significant difference between indoor and pool tiles. For instance, tiles for the pool should be fired at extremely high temperatures to minimize their water absorption rate. You can’t install indoor wall tiles on your pool because they can’t hold up.   

Pool tiles have grout lines that can be used to create a statement. The most common grout colours are white and grey; however, you can use different shades to make your pool attractive. 

The Color 

Most swimming pools have a blue glass or ceramic tiles which have a wide range of shades. On the other hand, some individuals install white tiles that give them a light blue watercolour. Other standard shades besides blue and white are green, which gives the pool water a green tone. 

You can experiment with other colours like charcoal, aqua, red, chocolate, and black tiles. These shades can give your pool an impressive appearance when appropriately installed by experts. 

The Size 

The size and ratios are important factors to consider when selecting pool tile. Don’t install large glass tiles on your pool waterline because they are prone to cracking due to thermal shock. They also crack when installed on the floor because they lack stability in the middle of the pool, especially when the standard of installation is low. 

Therefore, it’s not recommended to use large tiles measuring 100mm and above on the entire pool surface because it’s quite a challenge to fix them on a curved surface. Hence, it’s better to install smaller sizes, such as 20mmX58mm, rather than larger pieces.   

Therefore you should contact TweedHeads Tiling and Waterproofing designers for the recommendation on the best tile for your pool.   

The Texture 

It’s vital to think of the safety of your pool when installing tiles. You should install non-slip tiles to enhance the safety of your family and friends. 

The Trend 

There is increased use of mosaic blends in recent years. The trend is inclined towards minimalisms. Further, some pool owners are using their items such as mosaic pictures in their pool for decoration or personal reasons. 

Tile Installation 

You may be planning to install your pool deck tiles yourself. However, it’s advisable to recruit a pool tile installer with an experience like TweedHeads Tiling and Installation. They understand the dos and don’ts of tiles installation. On the other hand, it’s essential to understand the entire process because the pool tile and installation knowledge will help you when sealing and replacing grout in the future. 

The Benefits of Pool Deck Tiles 

Beautiful outdoor pool tiling job done in Tweed Heads with pool surround pavers
  • It’s a superior finish due to the tiles’ classic appearance due to their silky smoothness. 
  • Tiles are durable; thus, they enhance your pool’s lifespan compared to those without tiles. 
  • Tiles are easy to install and maintain.  
  • They increase the resale value of your home. 
  • They help you to control the colour of your pool water, and this is the first thing visitors see when they visit your pool area. 

Therefore, you need to consider the colour you would want for your pool and then pick tiles that can give you that shade when you install them.   

Additionally, you can use the waterline to influence the entire pool. For instance, you can use different colours on the waterline tile to contrast, match it with the watercolour, or the colour of the pool coping. 

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