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Design and planning are the heart of any renovation or bathroom creation venture. With proper concepts, the dream bathroom of the homeowner can be achieved. However, there is always a need for information especially when it comes to proper principles of design.

Bathroom renovation we completed in Tweed Heads with porcelain tiles

Major factors to consider 

When it comes to designing a bathroom, any homeowner should be aware of the crucial factors that will affect the beauty of the result. These factors include colour palette, balance, and harmony. Let us get to know each of them as well as their advantages in design.  

Colour palettes in bathroom tiles 

Colours are a part of our everyday lives.  These elements of nature provide us with the necessary visual aid to help in our perception of the world, as well as in governing our emotions and psychological states. Also, colours can manipulate our senses since they are the primary sources of information coming from the outside world. You should always utilize a complementary colour palette that will help in emphasizing your style. 

By choosing the correct shade of colour, an individual is a boy control what a guest or visitor feels when they enter the bathroom. For example, using dark colours in your bathroom can also entail that you mean business and that you are serious. It can also increase feelings of relaxation and peace, specially when They are combined with artificial light. On the other hand, you sing bright colours for your bathroom will result in feelings of activeness and an enjoyable atmosphere. This is great, especially for home switch off children or things inside of them since the brain will be stimulated by choice of colours. Overall, the proper colour balance will result in a great bathroom ideas Tweed Heads. 


There should always be a balance, especially in bathroom design. Such a principle can be achieved through sizing as well as proportions. By having differently sized objects in your bathroom, A feeling of focus and emphasis can be achieved. Also, the balance could mean having the proper amounts of artificial and natural objects that will bring out the best in the design. For example, you can opt to have a dark colour themed with accents from the light pain so that there will be no dull spaces in the bathroom. As always, tiles are great avenues to incorporate balance as they come in many shapes and sizes.  

Harmony Especially in Tiles 

Tiles are best known for having consistent patterns, colours, and designs. Most tiled surfaces are imbued with a sense of continuity, and this makes up for a fluid and seamless bathroom. Many tile patterns exist in the market, and they come in the form of shapes such as hexagons or pentagons as well as geometrical figures such as lines and streaks. Also, different patterns exist, such as Chevron tiles and Basketweave tiles. By combining these patterns with a plain wall or ceiling, you can have amazing highlights and accents for a specific spot. Furthermore, patterns are known to be eye-soothing and relaxing; thus, rejuvenating bathroom ideas Tweed Heads can be achieved when you use them. 

4 Popular Bathroom Inspirations 

Planning or designing a bathroom can be difficult. However, you can always base your concepts from existing ones that are well-loved in the tiling community. Here are some common bathroom ideas Tweed Heads that you will surely enjoy. 

Rock and Stone Tiles 

Since medieval to mid-century eras, the luxury of stone tiles remains top-notch and well-appreciated by many individuals. Overall, it is a very versatile style that can be associated and combined with other elements such as drapes, curtains, woodworks, carpets, and even lamps. Commonly used stone tiles in the bathroom include granite, limestone, and sandstone. The ambience of this type of style is one that is ageless and classic. If you want to add more organic materials, then employing several potted plants can be a good idea. Also, stone tiles are high complementary materials to light and plain coloured tiles, so you should keep this in mind. 

Glass Tiles 

The ever-dazzling glass tiles bring elegance and sophistication. These types of tile materials are glossy, shiny, and very attractive. Due to the bouncing of light in these surfaces, they are very eye-catching and easily noticed by guests. Glass tiles go well with proper lighting. For a nature-friendly vibe and ambience, you can make use of a large window or opening for sunlight to enter. On the other hand, a more serene atmosphere can be reached with the use of some artificial lights such as lamps or chandeliers. Due to refraction and reflection, this type of design will surely amaze anyone who enters your space applied with a great bathroom ideas Tweed Heads. 

Neutral Beauty 

Neutral colours are one of the most versatile and flexible palettes out there. Combine them with any other light or dark based colours, and you will have a jaw-dropping bathroom ideas Tweed Heads result. As far as design is concerned, the most commonly used neutral shades are white tiles and grey tiles. When these tiles are installed on floors and walls, it becomes a stunning scenery which relaxes the senses. For bolder neutral designs, you can choose to go for a black theme or concept. Overall, black tiles go well with various fixtures such as chandeliers and lamps. It is your decision on what shade to use for this venture. 

Wood Tiles 
Bathroom renovation and tiling job we completed in Tweed Heads with wood look floor tiles

Using wood tiles in your bathroom ideas Tweed Heads design means that you are going for a more vintage look. In general, this type of design is suitable for mid-century based houses, but they still go well with modern ones. Wood tiles have an attractive gloss that makes them pop-out, so it is recommended that you install them in a wall. 

The good idea is to combine wood tiles with pebble tiles so that a transition into a forest theme can be achieved. Nevertheless, in working with your future bathroom, a great team should assist you.

We are willing to help you in this venture, and together, let us achieve a beautiful and lovable bathroom ideas Tweed Heads. Visit us at or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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